Hope & Revelation


Friday On My Mind presents the limited collection 'Hope and Revelation.' Inspired by the battle between light and darkness we've all experienced this past year, the collection tells a story about duality in two distinct designs and colourways. Powerful and protective tarot symbols, mystic elements and cosmic talismans have been woven into the artwork of each shirt,


Art by Sam Dunn

'Hope' celebrates the peak of summer, a powerful reawakening, positive and peaceful vibes, rising from the ashes,  and reuniting with the people you love under the sun. Among the print are a demon-slaying goddess, magical pentacles, the evil eye to ward off negative energy, tarot imagery from the Justice card to represent inner balance, the tree of life and cups that symbolise situations and events of emotional nature, and also creative flow.


Art by Sam Dunn

'Revelation' marks the return of nightlife, hedonism under the stars, passion, freedom and reclaiming the dancefloor. Embedded in the print is the moon cycle, fierce Dobermans to guard you, an hommage to Mexican spirituality, good luck and protection with Santa Muerte iconography, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and messages laced within the stars.


Confronted by the surreal madness of the last year and the overwhelming uncertainty, FOMM directors Sammy Broadhurst and Antoine Collin found themselves gravitating deeper into the spiritual realm and unknown for answers. Losing their minds in isolation, uninspired by the dismal atmosphere and with the future of fashion as well as the FOMM brand hanging on tenterhooks, they took a rainy walk. Soon they stumbled upon a boat on the canal and a tarot reader. What intoxicated them the most from their experience was the vibrant artwork and deep symbolism within each card. From there, they became fascinated with researching mystic imagery and the cultural history behind astrology, healers, crystals, cosmic energy, spiritual god's and goddesses and beyond. Their creativity was reignited, and soon 'Hope and Revelation' was born.


With a firm focus on sustainability, the collection is printed on 100% TENCEL Lyocell, made from renewable wood materials it’s the most eco-friendly cellulose fabric available. For more information click here

In the end, only the universe knows what the future holds, and although we hope it's not the case, this collection could very well be FOMM's final one.
We've truly poured all our passion into the rare unisex collection. There are only 200 shirts available, and we hope you all manage to get the piece that speaks to your soul the most. 


Words by Tracy Kawalik